Occupational Medicine

By virtue of our training in the area of functional rehabilitation, our physicians are particularly well-suited for the treatment of occupational injuries. Our approach to these injuries is the same as it is for other conditions: we establish a specific diagnosis rapidly, implement an appropriate plan of treatment, and emphasize rapid return to normal activity.

During treatment, injured individuals are sometimes unable to carry out their normal occupational duties. Our staff identifies the activities which are to be avoided or limited based on the established diagnosis. As the patient’s treatment progresses, these restrictions are liberalized and the patients return to their usual activities. Our physicians work diligently with the injured employee to maintain daily work even when restrictions are necessary. Except in unusual cases, we are able to avoid keeping patients out of work.

This comprehensive treatment approach is attractive to employers and case managers, as well as our patients. It allows for diagnostic and therapeutic intervention in an efficient and timely manner, thus minimizing the period during which an employee is unable to do his/her usual job. We avoid unnecessary tests and treatments, while avoiding frustrating lapses between appointments. Intervention is aggressive and targeted to address the patient’s diagnosis. Rehabilitation allows for a rapid return to function with an emphasis on safety and avoidance of re-injury.

Our comprehensive approach to occupational injuries has been very effective. As a result, we have developed relationships as a preferred provider for the treatment of occupational injuries with many of the area’s biggest employers, including Baystate Medical Center, Big Y, Hasbro, Lenox, Mass Mutual, J. Polep, The Republican, and Williams Distributing.