Physical Therapy / Rehabilitation

Pioneer Therapy Services (PTS) is comprised of highly trained and experienced experts in the area of osteopathic, as well as exercised-based treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. The underlying philosophy of PTS is reduction of pain through hands-on treatment with a rapid transition to appropriate strengthening and stabilization exercises. The patients are discharged when they are comfortable and proficient at an appropriate program of home exercises designed for continued resolution of their injury.

Pioneer therapists have hundreds of years of combined experience and they understand the special attention that athletes require; in fact, many of our therapists are competitive athletes themselves. We recognize the importance of intensive, directed treatment with sports-specific considerations for a rapid and safe return to action.

The therapists at Pioneer are handpicked for their talent in the area of manual and osteopathic therapy. They have particular expertise in conditions involving spinal disorders, pelvic dysfunction, muscular pain, and disc-related pathology.

Pioneer therapists work closely with the entire staff of Pioneer Spine and Sports Physicians to treat patients using a team approach. Therapy is provided in the same location as the physician offices so that the therapists and physicians can communicate freely regarding the progress of their patients. A change in the patient’s presentation, a failure to progress, or other considerations can be discussed immediately and changes in treatment are implemented without delay.

Pioneer Therapy Services are located in most of the Pioneer Spine and Sports Physicians offices.