Lumbar Radiculopathy

Lumbar Radiculopathy

Pain, numbness and weakness may sometimes radiate to the legs.If this is caused by nerve root compromise, it is referred to as lumbar radiculopathy. Lumbar radiculopathy can be extremely debilitating and interferes with your daily activities.

A thorough evaluation is necessary to identify your spine as the actual source of your pain.

Your symptoms and history are reviewed and a detailed physical examination is performed. If the pain originates in the spine, it usually follows a specific pattern of distribution that your PSSP doctor identifies and correlates with a spinal level or nerve root. Imaging studies are performed to confirm the diagnosis.

Most cases of lumbar radiculopathy are transient and can be treated by conservative methods such as rest, activity limitation, anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, spinal injections, specific home exercises and other modalities. A specific treatment plan is formulated to effectively relieve your symptoms and ensure a quick return to your regular activities. If symptoms are severe or persistent surgery may be recommended.

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